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Lumen5 is a video creation platform designed for brands and businesses to produce engaging video content for social posts, stories, and ads. Lumen5’s goal is to enable anyone without training or experience to easily create amazing videos in minutes.

Lumen5’s technology enables marketing teams to focus on the story and narrative while relying on Lumen5’s system to do the heavy lifting.

Benefits of Using Lumen5:

  • Lumen5 creates impactful, engaging videos from your existing content — so you can make video a regular part of your marketing strategy.
  • Lumen5’s AI-powered technology helps you storyboard your ideas, fit your content to a layout, and find music and visuals that enhance your message.
  • The Lumen5 media library gives you easy access to millions of photos, video clips, and audio files, so you always have the elements you need to create the perfect video.
  • With Lumen5’s brand presets and voiceover feature, you can record your own voice and choose from hundreds of templates, colors, fonts, and more.

The Top Features of Lumen5:

  • The easiest video maker for social media marketing
  • Turn content into video —effortlessly
  • Integrate high-quality media in minutes
  • Customize with voiceovers and branding

Lumen5 Pricing:

  • Community: $0
  • Creator: $15/monthly
  • Premium: $79/monthly
  • Business: $199/monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom 
  • Community: $0
  • Creator: $11/yearly
  • Premium: $59/yearly
  • Business: $149/ yearly
  • Enterprise: Custom

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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