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MailChimp Platform is considered to be a powerful marketing platform with features and tools designed to help advertisers, marketers, small businesses achieve their marketing goals. MailChimp’s tools and features work around the clock to enable advertisers and businesses to find their people, grow their business, and get smarter as they go.


  1. Works with over 300 apps and services.
  2. Connect with tools you already use to unlock more powerful marketing features.
  3. Tools, insights, and inspiration backed by a ton of data.
  4. Sends 6 billion emails a week and it makes sure they get into inboxes.
  5. Its free plan gives you access to all the features the big guys get—all for $0.
  6. Additionally, its design tools make it easy to create sophisticated campaigns that shine a light on the best of your business.
  7. MailChimp puts your data to work so you can gather insights on your most successful campaigns and get personalized advice for your next move.
  8. Whether you’re just getting started or need help with advanced features, it supports you at every step with marketing guides, step-by-step tutorials, live chat, and more.
  9. It’s easy to get started.

Features & Services:

  1. Create:
    -Landing pages
    -Signup forms
    -Google remarketing ads
    -Facebook ads
  1. Connect:
  1. Automate:
    -Welcome series
    -Abandoned Cart
    -Birthday messages
    -Product recommendations
    -Order notifications
  1. Optimize:
    -A/B Testing


  • Pro – Start For $199 /month And Up
  • Grow – Start For $10 /month And Up
  • Free – Start For $0 /month And Up

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