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Mapp Acquisition Marketing software is considered to be one of the most intelligent products of the Mapp Cloud Company, which is one of the most popular software companies that developed a great suite of effective tools, products, and software services that help marketers, advertisers, sellers, retailers, brands, and all businesses from all sizes grow their business in a simple and easy way.

As they knew themselves, the Mapp Cloud software company is helping companies beat their competition with compelling, eye-catching marketing, without breaking the bank. “We bring back the fun to digital marketing while pushing marketers to crush it at their job. Mapp’s marketing technology is for the marketer who knows it’s not always about working harder but working smarter. Mapp isn’t a point solution that you hack together with your other tools to run multi-channel campaigns. And it’s not like the big-name enterprise marketing clouds that try (unsuccessfully) to be everything you need – and charge you every dollar you have. Instead, Mapp is a rad digital marketing platform for companies that don’t want to follow the other marketing sheep.”

Mapp Acquisition Marketing is also considered to be one of the most brilliant digital marketing tools that helps companies and agencies plan effective prospecting strategies to acquire new customers relying on the Data Management Platform (DMP) at its core, which enables all users to collect, match, and then use the customer data from all their marketing channels.

In the coming sentences, we will explain all the information about Mapp Acquisition Marketing, including benefits of using it, features and services of this tool, and its pricing listing.

Mapp Acquire


  • Turn prospects into new customers: Generate new leads and grow your customer database by leveraging all behavioral, geographic, and demographic data.
  • Retarget known & unknown prospects: Capture important touchpoints with your brand and use that data to tailor your messaging across different digital channels.
  • Optimize acquisition spend: Suppress existing customers from acquisition campaigns and balance channel spend to optimize performance.
  • Mapp Acquire allows you to aggregate all first-, second-, and third-party data within our Customer Data Platform (CDP). First-party behavioral data, collected with Mapp’s DMP Tracking Pixel, is paired with your external data in order to compile comprehensive, real-time user profiles.
  • With Mapp’s lookalike audience builder, you can target prospects likely to buy based on the characteristics of your most loyal, profitable customers. By creating an audience of both known and unknown prospects, you will be able to convert more leads from initial interest to a revenue-generating customer. Over time, the newly-collected data will help you refine your ideal customer profile.
  • Use these new audience segments for your acquisition channels such as SEM, display, retargeting, and social ads. Seamlessly connect with Mapp Engage to launch these cross-channel campaigns or integrate with any of the marketing platforms you might be using. Mapp Acquire also allows you to monitor the results in realtime and utilize this data to optimize your live campaigns.
  • In addition to, Mapp Acquire can be used as a standalone solution or alongside the other solutions within
    Mapp Cloud. Mapp Cloud brings customer acquisition and customer engagement together
    in one simple platform infused with data intelligence.

Features & Services:

On this front, it should be mentioned that Mapp Acquisition Marketing software has a great suite of effective features that enable all customers to make the best use of the tool in growing their business, such as:

  • Capture and unify the data
  • Define target audiences
  • Activate the campaigns

Mapp Intelligence

Other Company Products:

  1. Mapp Acquire: Hunt down and convert your ideal customer online with Mapp’s data management platform (DMP)
  2. Mapp Engage: Create campaigns that blow your customers’ minds with Mapp’s cross-channel execution engine.
  3. Mapp  Intelligence: Be one step ahead of your customers with Mapp’s customer data platform (CDP) and predictive insights.


The Mapp Cloud Software Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try Mapp Acquisition Marketing tool click here.

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