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Mapp Intelligence digital marketing platform

Mapp Intelligence Digital Marketing Platform

Gain The Power of Customer Knowledge


Mapp Intelligence tool is considered to be one of the most brilliant products of the Mapp Cloud Company, which is one of the greatest software companies that developed a great suite of effective tools, products, and software that help marketers, advertisers, sellers, retailers, brands, and all businesses from all sizes grow their business in a simple and easy way.

As they knew themselves, the Mapp Cloud software company is helping companies beat their competition with compelling, eye-catching marketing, without breaking the bank. “We bring back the fun to digital marketing while pushing marketers to crush it at their job. Mapp’s marketing technology is for the marketer who knows it’s not always about working harder, but working smarter. Mapp isn’t a point solution that you hack together with your other tools to run multi-channel campaigns. And it’s not like the big-name enterprise marketing clouds that try (unsuccessfully) to be everything you need – and charge you every dollar you have. Instead, Mapp is a rad digital marketing platform for companies that don’t want to follow the other marketing sheep.”

Mapp Intelligence is one of the smartest tools that unify companies’ disparate customer data on Mapp’s customer
data platform (CDP) to generate actionable insights, predictive analytics, and superior
segmentation for smarter marketing.


  • Truly understand your customers:
  • Gain a real-time, comprehensive, single customer view within the CDP and discover your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations derived from our data intelligence.
  • Ultimately, know what your customers want before they do.
  • Boost your segmentation capabilities:
  • Build advanced, complex audience segments faster and more accurately using granular, detailed customer data.
  • Activate these segments in both your acquisition and engagement campaigns.
  • Derive timely, actionable insights:
  • Ditch the assumptions. Glean actionable insights from the data to tell you the who, what, when, where of your future campaign.
  • Discover what the next best message is to send to your customer by leverage.

Features & Services:

  • Match unknown and known customers:

    Associate anonymous behavior with first-party data to identify unknown prospects browsing your website. By aggregating all this information, you will benefit from a single, real-time view of each customer and will be enabled to build meaningful segments that support highly-personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Leverage our recommendation engine:Take advantage of Mapp’s extensive database of user information through our recommendation engine. The machine learning pipeline draws from millions of data points allowing you to predict which audience segments are most likely to convert – taking the guesswork out of marketing
  • Receive cross-channel analytics & insights:Use cross-channel reports to uncover your best-performing channels and messages. Go beyond just analyzing your campaigns by getting suggestions on how to improve them. Our unparalleled natural-language processing provides subject line optimization and keyword recommendations, specifically to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Product In Numbers:

  • 50% of businesses spend more time cleaning data than using it. (Source: Think With Google).
  • 39% of marketers say that their data is collected too infrequently or not real-time enough. (Source: Cision).
  • 12% of marketers are able to analyze data at an individual or customer level. (Source: Cintell).

Other Company Products:

  1. Mapp Acquire:

    Hunt down and convert your ideal customer online with Mapp’s data management platform (DMP)

  2. Mapp Engage:Create campaigns that blow your customers’ minds with Mapp’s cross-channel execution engine.
  3. Mapp  Intelligence:Be one step ahead of your customers with Mapp’s customer data platform (CDP) and predictive insights.


The Mapp Cloud Software Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try Mapp Intelligence tool click here.

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