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Marin Cross-Channel Advertising is considered to be one of the Marin software company’s smart tools and software, which offers a great suite of intelligent solutions focus on the digital marketing advertising industry.

Marin Cross-Channel Advertising is also a popular tool that helps all marketers, advertisers, retailers, brands, and businesses make the search, social, and eCommerce advertising working seamlessly to reach more customers. Additionally, it enables all of them to make sure their customer’s journey is smooth across channels and devices.

Marin software company is one of the largest software company that works hard to develop leading online advertising management solutions, in addition, Marin software company had managed to win awards from major industry organizations and publications. And, with offices in all of the world’s most important tech hubs, Marin software company is surrounded by good food, great views, and all the best the big city has to offer.

Finally, Marin Cross-Channel Advertising should be at the top choices of all marketers and advertisers who want to effectively follow customers on their complex journeys, which help all of them reach their marketing goals and grow their business.


  • Make your search, social, and eCommerce advertising need to work seamlessly to reach more customers.
  • Follow customers on their complex journeys.
  • Make sure your customer’s journey is smooth across channels and devices.
  • Have the full picture – one that provides cross-channel advertising visibility into customer behaviors and results.
  • Embrace the conversion advantages of cross-channel control and visibility.
  • Unify the customer journey across all channels.
  • Marin brings together in-house, third-party, and cross-channel, helping your base budget, bid, and creative decisions on complete data.
  • This better view also gives CMOs audience-centric insights into program-wide performance.
  • Identify your most valuable audiences, and then target them based on their cross-channel behaviors.
  • Use audience-level reporting to understand your best segments.
  • Refine campaigns and channel use as you uncover the best strategies for driving conversions.
  • Customize your message and improve targeting using intent signals across channels.
  • The Marin Search Intent tools automatically build out audiences and campaigns based on keyword categories that take signals into account.
  • Ensure a singular customer experience of your brand and message across search, social, and eCommerce when you coordinate campaigns on one cross-channel marketing platform.
  • Use forecasting and scenario planning tools to identify opportunities to improve performance by reallocating budget among channels.
  • Turn to a cohesive platform for cross-channel and cross-audience reporting and optimization.
  • A unified dashboard provides visibility into key performance metrics, letting you quickly and effectively compare performance across channels and audiences.
  • Drill down to the campaign, creative, and conversion levels to improve performance and correct issues.

Features & Services:

  • Siloed Data
  • Independence Needed
  • Repetitive Work
  • Gain deep cross-channel insights
  • Focus campaigns by audience
  • Understand customer intent
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Allocate budget more effectively
  • Unify reporting


The Marin software company has not provided pricing information for this product or service. If you want to access this tool, you can request a demo here.

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