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In this article, we will talk about one of the most effective and smartest tools that working on creating powerful digital marketing and social media campaigns, in addition to running out smart and intelligent Facebook and Instagram ads. This great digital marketing and social media ads tool is Needls.

Needls is considered a powerful advertising tool, which enables all marketers, advertisers, retailers, sellers, brands, businesses, and people who are wanting to market their products, services, or brands to create effective and impactful ads through social media platforms, especially the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

On this front, it should be pointed out that no one can deny the importance of social media and digital marketing advertising, which play a vital role in growing revenue, conversions, and ROI for all sizes of businesses, hence, Needles comes at the top choices when it is needed to creating social media campaigns and advertising.


  • Stop worrying about how to advertise effectively for your business and focus on running it instead!
  • Needls. determines the perfect target audience for these ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time.
  • Needls. is the only platform where people receive ads for what they need when they need it.
  • It is also considered to be The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Answer just a few questions about your business and needls. will create hundreds of ads for you!
  • By monitoring social media ads in real time, needls. is able to continuously optimize the ads to target new business. Cross-platform optimization allows needls. to assess when client ads are most effective.
  • Needls. uses data science and programmatic buying techniques to ensure your ads are as effective as possible.

Services & Features:

  • Automated Ad Creation
  • Automatic Cross Platform Optimization
  • Automatic Time of Day Adjustments
  • Real Time Simple Reporting
  • Full Analytics
  • 10% of Ad Spend Charged
  • Landing Page Creation*
  • Intent-Based Audience Targeting
  • The needls.AGENCY dashboard
  • 1-click client reports (branded with your logo)
  • Multi-user support
  • Direct customer billing
  • Multiple client conversion tracking


  • A low cost, automated solution for small businesses, startups and independent professionals – $100/mo.
  • Take credit for our technology, manage more clients with less time and make advertising fun again with needls.Agency – $200/mo


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