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Neustar Digital Defense & Performance is an intelligent security and digital tool that protects all clients from Cyber attacks and missed connections, which can cause lasting damage to their business’s reputation and bottom line.

Neustar Digital Defense & Performance is also considered to be one of the smartest tools and software that secure your digital presence against risks and downtime while leaving you open for opportunities, ensuring your customers enjoy consistent, uninterrupted, quality interactions.

Neustar Digital Defense & Performance is also one of Neustar’s great package of tools, products, solutions, and software that are developed to offer several services to all marketers around the world, in a desire to make their tasks and jobs easier and accurate.

Neustar is a software company, which was founded to be a company built on the foundation of Privacy by Design, for more than 20 years Neustar’s unique capabilities have made it the leader in the field of responsible identity resolution. Neustar’s services also help all clients grow, guard, and guide their businesses by connecting people, places, and things with world-class and industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Digital Defense, Digital Performance, Risk, Communications, and Registry services.


  • Defend your digital assets and protect your opportunities to engage confidently with customers through intelligence that works beyond the point of entry and understands the intent of each connection, resulting in increased resilience against disruptions and cyber attacks.
  • Run a comprehensive analysis of your mission-critical defenses to identify any potential holes or gaps that could lead to a successful cyber attack.
  • Help the most innovative brands in the world tap into the power and possibilities offered by today’s new platforms for digital identity.
  • Protect Your Business from the Biggest Threats of Today.
  • Offer uninterrupted, more personalized experiences to your customers and safeguard the stability of your digital enterprise and revenue stream.
  • Find and fix problems that plague connected customers: websites, slow-loading pages, and failing applications.
  • Security, reliability, performance. Just what you want in your DNS.

Services & Features:

  • Digital Defense:
    -DDoS Protection
    -Web Application Firewall
    -Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
    -Registry Services
  • Digital Performance:
    -IP Intelligence
    -Website Performance Management
    -DNS Services


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