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Neustar Marketing is considered to be one of the most helpful digital marketing tools, which offer a great suite of solutions to all marketers, advertisers, social media specialists, and all people who are working in the marketing industry.

Neustar Marketing is also one of Neustar’s great package of tools, products, solutions, and software that are developed to offer several services to all marketers around the world, in a desire to make their tasks and jobs easier and accurate. It is also a great marketing tool that allows clients to know everything they can about their customers and prospects, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and know if their marketing worked and how to make it better.

Neustar is a software company, which was founded to be a company built on the foundation of Privacy by Design, for more than 20 years Neustar’s unique capabilities have made it the leader in the field of responsible identity resolution. Neustar’s services also help all clients grow, guard, and guide their businesses by connecting people, places, and things with world-class and industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Digital Defense, Digital Performance, Risk, Communications, and Registry services.


  • Rely on identity data you can trust. Clean, repair, and enrich your customer records with always-on identity management.
  • Get access to the most accurate and holistic name, address and phone data available.
  • Know who your best customers are, which channels to reach them on, and when they are most likely to convert.
  • Get high-quality leads by verifying and scoring prospect information in real-time, shortening sales cycles and confidently delivering relevant offers to prospects.
  • Direct access to raw event level data from both online and offline signals delivered in a flexible, portable data science environment, to make it work harder for your organization.
  • Trust your customer data to the most precise, scalable, secure, and privacy-friendly data onboarding solution in the market.
  • Understand and Control the Full Impact of Your Marketing Spend.
  • Drive Marketing Accountability with Smarter Investment Decisions.
  • Optimize Marketing Decisions Across the Customer Journey.

Services & Features:

  • Customer Intelligence:
    -Consumer Identity Management
    -Customer Identity File
    -Customer Scoring and Segmentation
    -Lead Intelligence
  • Customer Experience:
    -Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP)
    -Data Science Development Kit (DSDK)
    -Data Onboarding
    -Omnichannel Remarketing
    -Real Time Website Personalization
  • Customer Analytics:
    -Unified Marketing Analytics
    -Marketing Mix Modeling
    -Multi-Touch Attribution


The Neustar has not provided pricing information for this product or service.

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