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The Optimizely platform technology provides A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, website personalization, and feature toggle capabilities.

Optimizely is an American company that makes progressive delivery and experimentation software for other companies.

Deliver better software, products, and growth with Optimizely’s progressive delivery & experimentation platform, engineering, product, and marketing teams ship high-quality code and experience faster, with data-driven confidence in the results.

Benefits of Using Optimizely:

  • Reduce risk and ship faster: Optimize the experience across any platform including websites, backend code, mobile and conversational apps.
  • Build better products with experimentation: Optimizely helps you roll out new features confidently. Run tests on segments of your user base and apply only the changes that work. Experimentation solutions for rapid prototyping and more complex feature tests.
  • Make impactful marketing decisions: Target your messaging, personalize your campaigns, and ultimately drive substantial growth for your business. Powerful, easy to use solutions, to test what messages, imagery, and offers help increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.
  • Make trusted decisions with data: Optimizely built a Stats Engine with leaders in statistical research at Stanford University that provides built-in false discovery rates and helps teams get to statistical significance faster.
  • Grow faster with less risk: Transform your business with the world’s leading experimentation platform, empowering product, engineering, and marketing teams to test, learn, and deploy winning digital experiences, every time.

The Top Features of Optimizely:

  • Engineer
  • Product manager
  • Marketing & growth
  • Data scientist
  • Team leader

Kindly check the website for further information about their pricing plans.

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