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Post Affiliate Pro is one of the Quality Unit company’s digital marketing tools, services, and technologies, as a software development company. Post Affiliate Pro is considered to be the #1 ranked and most reviewed affiliate software on the market. It is easy to set up an operation and connects with virtually any website or payment gateway.


  1. Sell More With Better Affiliate Software.
  2. Connect To Over 170 Cms & Payment Gateways.
  3. Watch Your Revenue Grow With Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Let Your Revenue Grow With Affiliate Marketing.
  5. Currently, more than 30,000 businesses trust Post Affiliate Pro as their choice for affiliate software.
  6. Post Affiliate Pro features rock-solid tracking, scalability and endless customization and grows with your needs. All at an affordable monthly fee.

Features & Services:


  • Tracking Methods:


  1. Affiliate Link Styles
  2. Multiple Currencies
  3. Direct Links Tracking
  4. Private Campaigns
  5. Tracking Methods
  6. Fraud Protection
  7. Forced Matrix
  8. Subid / Channels Tracking


  • Types Of Commission:


  1. Action Commissions
  2. Recurring Commissions
  3. Lifetime Commissions
  4. Split Commission
  5. Performance Rewards
  6. Commission Groups
  7. Multi-Level Marketing (Multi Tiers Commissions)


  • Promotion Materials:


  1. Text Link Banners
  2. Image Banners
  3. Html Banners
  4. Discount Coupons
  5. Site Replication
  6. Peel Banners
  7. Lightbox Banners
  8. Banner Rotator
  9. Simple Pdf Banner
  10. Zip Banners
  11. Flash Banners
  12. Rebrand Pdf (Viral Pdf)


  • User Interface:


  1. Themes
  2. Mass Payments
  3. Multiple Merchants / Affiliate Program Administrators
  4. Customizable Affiliate Interface
  5. Web 2.0 (Ajax) Based Client-server Architecture
  6. Multilingual Support


  • Reports:


  1. Quick Report
  2. Trends Report
  3. Map Overlay Report
  4. Campaign, Banner, Affiliate Report
  5. Top URLs Report
  6. Top Affiliates Report
  7. Online Users Report


  • Pro – $97 Per Month
  • Ultimate – $197 Per Month
  • Network – $477 Per Month


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$97 Per Month

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