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Promo Free Facebook Video Covers Software is considered to be one of the smartest tools and software that are developed by the company. These tools are powered to help marketers, advertisers, retailers, brands, businesses, and all people who work with all social media platforms around the world – including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn – grow their business through social media platforms. is considered to be one of the most creative software companies around the world. It is formerly known as Promo by Slidely, as it is the #1 Video Creation Platform for businesses and agencies. It was founded on the belief that creative visual content should be accessible to everyone. Accordingly, the company provide all the creative assets and tools that are required to promote anything effectively.

It should be mentioned that the company was founded in 2012 as a slideshow company, which enables +200M creators to create, discover, and share slideshows and visuals, but in 2016, the company had released the Promo, as a desire to disrupt the way businesses create videos. In 2019, they rebranded the product to be Now, the company is working with tens of thousands of paying customers globally. In addition, it becomes Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners and working closely with Google and Youtube teams.

Promo Free Facebook Video Covers Software is also considered to be a great chance for all marketers, advertisers, video creators, brands, businesses, and all people who interested in video creation and video ads through the Facebook platform. It also helps all of them boost an effective performance for their Facebook pages, in addition to enhancing their businesses image amongst their customers and followers.


  • Promo Free Facebook Video Covers Software is 100% FREE tool.
  • It enables you to boost an effective performance for your business, brand, or product page on the Facebook platform.
  • Attract more and more followers, customers, clients to your products’ page on the Facebook platform.
  • Promo Free Facebook Video Covers Software also provides more than 10 new videos every new week.
  • Choose from a great and effective suite of video covers that include thousands of attractive videos for your Facebook page.
  • It also helps you grow your business on the Facebook platform, which is considered to be the first social media platform all marketers and advertisers are depending on it to market their products, services, and brands globally.
  • Help your customers and followers on the Facebook platform recognize you in a right and professional way.

Company In Numbers:

  • 60 M Videos created
  • 1 M Businesses
  • 209Countries

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The company provides its Facebook Video Covers tool for free for all marketers, advertisers, brands, businesses, and all people who work with social media platforms.

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