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Return Path

One out of every five commercial emails never reaches the inbox.

Email Marketing

Return Path is one of the best tools that are considered to be the expert in deliverability and Email Marketing industry. This software (Return Path) helps all Marketers, Advertisers, Brands, and Businesses take their email programs to the next level by driving more response and increasing revenue.


  1. Help you optimize your Email Marketing.
  2. Return Path Partnered with best-in-class email service providers.
  3. Enable you to take your Email programs to the next level by driving more response and increasing revenue.
  4. It brought together the world’s most comprehensive source of data from the email ecosystem.
  5. It also partners with more than 70 providers of mailbox and security solutions, covering 2.5 billion inboxes—approximately 70 percent of the worldwide total.
  6. Feeding into this data platform is its consumer network of more than 2 million consumers, delivering unparalleled insight into user behavior, brand affinity, and consumer preferences.
  7. Return Path has an extraordinary team that helps businesses communicate more reliably, effectively, and securely.
  8. It also offers world-class deliverability, unique applications to optimize email marketing programs, and expert guidance to drive results for increased revenue.

Features & Services:

  • Deliverability
  • Optimization
  • Client Services
  • Email Fraud Defense


The Return Path Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try and access the Return Path tool, you will have to request a demo here.

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