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Salesforce Data Management

Salesforce Data Management

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Salesforce Data Management is considered to be one of the smartest tools and software that enables all marketers, advertisers, retailers, brands, and businesses to boost the power of Sales Cloud with cleaner, more reliable data. It is also an effective tool, which offers the right data in the right place for all its customers around the world.

Salesforce Data Management is also considered to be one of the intelligent products of Salesforce, a software company that powers a great suite of digital marketing and technology tools, which helping create a future with greater opportunity and equality for all. In 1999, Salesforce pioneered cloud-based CRM software and has helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively. But now, they’re creating an economy that will help millions of people find career satisfaction and enjoy better lives as well.


  1. Better data can transform your business.
  2. Fuel your business with the right data.
  3. Choose the type of data that fits your business.
  4. Discover data-driven insights.
  5. Increase sales rep productivity.
  6. Deploy instantly, update automatically.
  7. Update and enrich your data.
  8. Clean your data automatically.
  9. Take control of data quality.
  10. Fill in the gaps with trusted data.
  11. Do more with deep company data.
  12. Grow faster and sell smarter.
  13. Prospect right inside Sales Cloud.
  14. Get trusted, verified business data.
  15. Grow pipeline fast with smarter sales reps.
  16. Get strategic with full hierarchies.

Features & Services:

  • CRM Admin
  • Sales Ops
  • Sales Rep
  • Lightning Data apps


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