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SurveyMonkey Engage

SurveyMonkey Engage

Employee engagement made stunningly simple

Data Analysis and Reporting

SurveyMonkey Engage is one of the most insightful and informative digital marketing tools and software that introduce a great, insightful, and informative set of data analysis about a target market or audience.

SurveyMonkey Engage is a smart data analytics tool, which enables all marketers, advertisers, brands, businesses, and all people who are interested in collecting valuable data about specific sectors to grow their business. It also enables all of them to create and retain happy, healthy, effective employees.

In addition, SurveyMonkey Engage also offers a great suite of solutions, features, and services that allow all tool’s users to easily run their own market research in minutes. It is a comprehensive business solution built to help you holistically understand and improve employee engagement.

On this front, it should be mentioned that SurveyMonkey Audience is considered to be one of the smartest data analytics tools that are powered and produced by SurveyMonkey, one of the largest software companies around the world. SurveyMonkey also introduces a great number of effective digital marketing and social media tools, products, features, and solutions that help all workers in the digital marketing and social media industries get the answers they need.

SurveyMonkey Engage Features

SurveyMonkey Engage Features


  • Managing your engagement program doesn’t have to be painful.
  • Prebuilt surveys and automated deployments help remove the burden of program administration.
  • Better questions mean better data.
  • Rooted in social science, Engage takes a whole-person approach to understand your employee’s relationship with the workplace.
  • Spend your time acting on data, rather than analyzing it.
  • Powerful data analysis tools help you easily identify where opportunities exist before they become problems.
  • Foster a partnership with employees. With Engage, they play an active role in organizational change.
SurveyMonkey Engage Features

SurveyMonkey Engage Features

Services & Features:

  • Fresh surveys—no repeats
  • Modern survey experience
  • Custom branding
  • Short but effective
  • Engagement at a glance
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Dive into the details
  • Personalized homepage
  • Feedback anytime
  • Share metrics


  • SurveyMonkey Pricing:
    -Advantage (Best Value) – 125 Egp / Month (Billed 1,500 Egp Annually)
    -Standard – 139 Egp / Month (Billed Monthly)
    -Premier – 319 Egp / Month (Billed 3,828 Egp Annually)
  • SurveyMonkey Audience pricing:
    -100 – 499 employees – $450 to $999 per month
    -Over 500 employees – Contact Sales for pricing

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