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Surveys 360 by Google Marketing Platform

Know your audience.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Surveys 360 is considered to be one of Google Marketing Platform tools that let advertisers, marketers, and businesses Understanding their customer shouldn’t be a guessing game. Otherwise, Google Surveys 360 enables them to gain valuable audience insights to make smarter, faster business decisions.


  1. Run custom surveys without complexity:
    Design your survey and tell us about your audience. We’ll get you results in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional research.
  2. Get real answers from real people:
    Real people answer your questions as they browse the internet — so they can get access to premium content and you get the insights you need.
  3. Get real insights, fast:
    Watch the results roll in. Get completed surveys in as little as three days.
  4. Make better decisions:
    Google’s instant, easy-to-digest dashboards help you make sense of the data so you can make better business decisions right away.
  5. Connect your audience lists:
    Your audience lists from Analytics, Search Ads 360, Google Ads, and YouTube are all available for surveying.


The Google Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try and access to Google’s Surveys 360 tool, you will have to talk to Google’s sales here.

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