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TechValidate is considered to be one of the most effective content marketing tools and software that automatically creates persuasive content from business’s satisfied customers.

TechValidate by SurveyMonkey is also considered to be a software platform that creates marketing content. In addition, TechValidate offers a great suite of solutions, services, and features that can capture the voice of your customers and transforms it into compelling content.

On this front, it should be mentioned that TechValidate is considered to be one of the smartest data analytics tools that are powered and produced by SurveyMonkey, one of the largest software companies around the world. SurveyMonkey also introduces a great number of effective digital marketing and social media tools, products, features, and solutions that help all workers in the digital marketing and social media industries get the answers they need.


  • Create more engaging content, prove their value to prospects, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • The best way to prove your value propositions is the voice of your satisfied customers, but usually no more than 5% to 10% will go on the record.
  • TechValidate dramatically increases the percentage of your customer base that you can harness to produce public-facing marketing collateral – often by 3X or more.
  • echValidate automates the collection and creation of customer content so marketing teams can quickly close the content shortfall.
  • TechValidate helps at each stage of the buyer’s journey:
    -At the top end of the funnel, TechValidate proof increases conversion rates in lead generation and advertising campaigns.
    -In the consideration phase, TechValidate content provides personalized proof points to move a prospect from cold to hot.
    -In the decision phase, sales teams use TechValidate content to showcase hard ROI and operational metrics of their product or service’s success.
  • TechValidate has created an efficient process to collect data from your customers, verify it, and publish it as 3rd-party-verified content.
  • ollects data directly from your customers via web-based questionnaires.
  • TechValidate confirms the identities of participants while protecting their privacy.

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Services & Features:

  • Customer Content
  • Market Research
  • Research Portals
  • Connectors


  • SurveyMonkey Pricing:
    -Advantage (Best Value) – 125 Egp / Month (Billed 1,500 Egp Annually)
    -Standard – 139 Egp / Month (Billed Monthly)
    -Premier – 319 Egp / Month (Billed 3,828 Egp Annually)
  • TechValidate Pricing: Not provided


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