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Tick is a Straightforward time tracking software to help your team run more profitable projects. Whether you prefer iOS, Android, the Apple Watch, or your desktop computer, Tick is the easiest way to track your time. Enter time from anywhere and keep your projects on time and on budget.

Back in 2020, Tick helped 22,169 people track 14,551,815 hours towards profitable projects.

Benefits of Using Tick:

  • Time reports in Tick are more than just numbers. Every report is built around actionable data. Simple to create, simple to update and dig through, these reports make it easy to bill clients, or see any trouble spots in the project process so you can make adjustments before it’s too late.
  • Tick’s budget tracking provides increased communication about a project’s time budget without hindering productivity.
  • Tick gives you the most direct way to track your time against a budget. Whether you’re a freelancer or have hundreds of employees, Tick turns time management software into a streamlined communication tool.

The Top Features of Tick:

  • Improve your bottom line with straightforward time management software
  • Time reporting for better communication, billing, and planning

Tick Pricing:

  • 1 Project: Free
  • 10 Projects: $19/month
  • 30 Projects: $49/month
  • 60 Projects: $79/month
  • Unlimited Projects: $149/month

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.

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