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15 Graphic Design Trends for 2018

Do you want to know the latest Graphic Design Trends in 2018?

Capitalizing on trends in design and business is a great way to assure your success. In this video, Philip VanDusen will describe and illustrate 15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018.

This video is targeted entrepreneurs, designers, creative professionals and anyone interested in brand strategy, business planning, design, trend, marketing and communications.

Here are the 15 Graphic Design Trends for 2018:
  1. Disjointed Text
  2. Brightness
  3. Glitch
  4. Color Channel
  5. Sliced Text
  6. Integration
  7. Liquid
  8. Font as Illustration
  9. Iconification
  10. Playbill
  11. Text as design
  12. Systematic Color
  13. Deconstructivism
  14. Photo Masking
  15. Transparency

Philip VanDusen is the founder of Verhaal Brand Design, a strategic design and branding consultancy in the New York City metro area. He is an accomplished creative executive and expert in strategic branding, graphic design and creative management. Philip gives design, branding, marketing and business advice to creative professionals and entrepreneurs on building successful creative practices and brands.


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