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Why does the indexed pages count vary? | Google Webmasters

This episode from SEO Snippets answers the question of “Why is the number of pages indexed on the Search Console different than what appears on”.

The episodes are introduced by John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google and he said they hope to cover topics including “404 errors, how and when crawling works, a site’s URL structure, and duplicate content.”

It’s a series of short videos to answer some Webmaster and SEO popular questions. It should be pointed that Google is answering its users’ questions through these questions. To submit a question, follow their account on Twitter and look for an announcement when they take on new questions.

Google Webmasters introduced this series at the end of 2017, on December in particular. The series includes 7 videos till March 2018, which are:

  1. Welcome to SEO Snippets
  2. Is a crawl-delayed rule ignored by Googlebot?
  3. Subdomain or subfolder, which is better for SEO
  4. My site’s template has multiple H1 tags
  5. How do I regain ownership of a Search Console property?
  6. Do fixed penalties affect SEO?
  7. How often does Google re-index websites?

The eighth video introduces:

  • How Google indexes the URLs of your website
  • How to define the actual number of pages on your website
  • What are the places to get counts for the number of indexed URLs.



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