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Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous cities with its unique culture and history and its recognition for the need for the development of a more inclusive and hopeful world, besides being known for hosting sports events (e.g. a Formula 1 race).

The department of culture and tourism (DCT) of Dubai is assigned with developing and promoting the complete country, with the main purpose of supporting the progress of Abu Dhabi into a world-class, long-lasting destination of distinction.

The main goal is to build brand awareness and engagement, they are their top priorities. Therefore, they know that they have to focus on developing an all-inclusive social media strategy.

The internal team of the DCT is managing multiple agencies across different regions to build a simple and unique social media marketing strategy. The DCT chose Hootsuite Enterprise to work on streamline and centralize content approvals, create a monitored moderation process, manage social media campaigns, and design reporting to prove the impact of social media on the Department’s broader objectives.

Social Media Case Study: Abu Dhabi Uses Social Media to Boost Its Tourism

Image Source: Hootsuite Enterprise


The department of culture and tourism (DCT) wanted to help the social team and partner agencies work more efficiently by unifying the organization’s processes for developing and scheduling social content.

Here Are the Key Goals DCT Set for Boosting Tourism in Abu Dhabi

  • Understand the latest trends\topics which occur on social media to help deliver content that is on time and appropriate.
  • Make sure that there is consistency on all social media channels and have greater partnerships across different platforms.
  • Improve and increase engagement levels on its social media accounts, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Increase its efforts on social media during busy and rush times, such as Graduation and Orientation Week.


Let’s find out how this problem was solved and how they managed to get through it!

What the DCT Did to Boost Tourism in Abu Dhabi Using Social Media

  • Gathering Social Teams and Agencies Together:

As for DCT, there are more than 25 people managing its social media efforts, and one of the biggest challenges DCT has faced was managing activity across such a significant and distributed team to make sure the accurate posts went out at the right time to the target audience.

  • Setting a Clear Strategy:

Their strategy included reaching as many people as possible on social media therefore, DCT made sure that it was discussing the most relevant topics and joining the right conversations.

Besides using Brandwatch social listening integration within Hootsuite Enterprise, DCT can find and follow conversations about Abu Dhabi on social media to figure out the types of content audiences on each channel are into and want to see.

Boosting Abu Dhabi Tourism with Social Media

Image Source: Hootsuite Enterprise


With the association of Hootsuite, the way that DCT manages social content has changed. Not only that but Hootsuite has allowed for a collective environment when moderating the channels.

The Results of Using Social Media for Boosting Abu Dhabi Tourism

"Winning with social has really helped us work towards our goal of promoting Abu Dhabi as one of the most desirable places to visit in the world, and Hootsuite continues to play an important part in this success. It has been invaluable to be able to govern all social media activity through one platform, so that everyone can understand not only who is doing what, but can also easily work together to boost reach and engagement globally." said George Kalliamvakos Digital Media Manager at DCT

  • Through the Hootsuite platform, DCT has been able to monitor the performance of the various teams that interact with DCT’s social channels, keeping track of pick up and response times to fans.
  • Because of this, DCT has noticed a reduction in first response time of 52% and decreased overall response time to followers and fans of 24% across the board.
  • The time spent planning, scheduling and approving content was reduced by 60%.
  • That was not the only thing, the team has managed to increase the engagement and awareness with 151% growth in followers across all its social accounts and a 71% increase in post volume.



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