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Gain Awareness and Installs with Facebook Mobile App Ads | InfoJobs Case Study

App ads on Facebook are the best way to get more people to install your app, use your app and take specific actions in your app. Like making a purchase or achieving a new level in a game. To get the most out of app ads, you can set up the Facebook Software Developer Kit with your app in order to reach your most valuable customers, track actions people take in your app and measure the success of your ad campaigns.

In today’s case study, we’ll get to know how InfoJobs, the  job search platform, ran Facebook mobile app install ads. And achieved incremental installs increase by 21% and it measured a significant lift in preference compared to its competitors.

InfoJobs is the leading job search platform in Spain and has connected talent and businesses for more than 20 years. In that time, more than 11 million contracts have been signed through the platform, and around 50,000 companies now trust and rely on it. InfoJobs helps businesses find top talent quickly, and it also helps professionals find new opportunities that can change their lives.

Gain Awareness and Installs with Facebook Mobile App Ads | InfoJobs Case Study


InfoJobs wanted a much more inclusive audience in Spain. Moreover, the platform aimed to increase brand awareness and translate this awareness into specific actions, including app downloads and registrations, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


InfoJobs designed a “full-funnel” campaign that combined brand awareness and direct response advertising in a series of waves.

  • First, InfoJobs used Facebook’s reach and frequency buying at the start of the campaign to broaden its audience and reach across demographics.
  • InfoJobs created a series of video, carousel and photo ads as they sought to reach those audiences in all possible ways. InfoJobs’ ads followed best practices for video. As the videos clearly mentioned the brand frequently and early, had a specific message, and emphasized the call to action and the value proposition. The ads took people on a journey that increased metrics across awareness, preference over competitors and intent to use.
  • Finally, InfoJobs followed up on this increased awareness with mobile app install ads to encourage concrete action: app downloads and registrations. The campaign also used automatic placements on Facebook and Instagram to generate optimum results at the lowest average cost.

Gain Awareness and Installs with Facebook Mobile App Ads | InfoJobs Case Study


Using Facebook’s reach and frequency buying to raise brand awareness among a broad audience, InfoJobs had a huge success. As well as mobile app install ads to maximise conversions. Running from March 18–May 20, 2019 and measured by Facebook brand lift and conversion lift studies, the campaign achieved:

  • 21% lift in incremental app installs
  • 11.5-point lift in preference compared to competitors (brand lift study)
  • 6.5-point lift in intent to use the InfoJobs app
  • 415,000 more people chose InfoJobs as their preferred app to find a job after campaign

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