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How Drives a 16% Lift in Conversions by Using Facebook dynamic ads?, A Facebook Ad Case Study

Increasing the rate of people’s conversions is not an easy mission, it would take a long time and need to spend more effective and strategic efforts, but in the end, after all of them, you might reach your goal or not. The online real estate portal in Italy, was facing the same problem and its time wanted to achieve and push people’s online conversions on their site and mobile app. Hence, decided to depend on social media ad campaigns that can help its team to reach their objectives; it especially relied on Facebook dynamic ads to retarget website visitors and lifting incremental conversions.

On this front, it should be mentioned that is the real estate portal N.1 in Italy. It was launched in 2007, preceded by in 2005, with the aim of offering the best platform for publishing and searching for property listings. With +23 million Monthly visits to the site and applications, +1.2 million Ads published on the site, searchable at any time, +19000 Real estate agencies that use the service, managed to be the biggest real estate portal in Italy that allows people to enter the required information and view the result they want immediately, get a free consultation from qualified experts, and can put their sales and rental announcement on the website for free. Accordingly, it was not an easy challenge for this company to increase conversions, but finally, it managed successfully to drive a 16% lift in conversions rate by using Facebook Dynamic Ads. And, through this article, we will showcase how increase incremental conversions by 16%?.

Key Results:

  1. 16% increase in incremental conversions.
  2. 60% of these conversions were from the core target audience of the 35–54 age group.
  3. 87% of these conversions were from the 22–54 age group.

Used Products:

In serving its strategy and achieve its ad campaigns’ objectives, worked with a great suite of effective products that helped it to reach these specific goals, such as:

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Messenger
  • Custom Audiences


As we explained, put a specific goal to raise the conversion rate of people who viewed a property online and then sent a request to talk to the sales agent.


  1. As a desire to increase conversions, aimed to enhance and support the huge catalog of property listings on its website, in order to help the potential customers show properties that were appropriate to their location.
  2. Then, the company decided to run out social media ad campaigns, especially on the Facebook platform, so it depended on Facebook Dynamic Ads.
  3.  ran campaigns featuring different property types—rentals, sales, houses, and apartments–but it used dynamic ads in combination with the Facebook pixel to guarantee that customers were only shown properties that were relevant to them.
  4. The campaign creator specified the target audience of people who had done a search or viewed a property listing on the website or mobile app, and targeted their ad campaigns to those people.
  5. The ads featured imagery taken from the original listings and appeared on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and across Audience Network.



After using Facebook Dynamic Ads in running targeted social media ad campaign to specific people in Italy, between September 19–October 26, 2018, the company managed to drive good results through its campaigns, such as:

  • 16% increase in incremental conversions
  • 60% of these conversions were from core target audience of the 35–54 age group
  • 87% of these conversions were from the 22–54 age group

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