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How to Gain Quality Sales Leads with Lead Ads on Facebook | 3 Way Marketing Case Study

Facebook lead ads can accomplish a variety of marketing objectives, but they’re best at helping with one of marketing’s golden rules: Know your audience. Many marketers think they do, but often confuse customer data with customer analytics. In a mostly online ecosystem, it’s easy to forget that sometimes the best way to learn about customers is to just ask questions. That’s exactly what Facebook lead ads (sometimes called Facebook lead forms) do. If your objectives include market research, customer feedback, or even increasing conversions, lead ads may be the right solution.

In this case study, we’ll discuss how a South African digital agency delivered more than 600 new sales leads per day for an insurance client when it used Facebook lead ads and a bot for Messenger to attract and pre-qualify potential customers.

3 Way Marketing is a digital marketing company and one of the largest lead generation firms in South Africa. They use a range of digital channels to improve sales and optimize our clients’ ROI (return on investment). 3 Way Marketing strongly believe in the ethos that any digital marketing initiative taken needs to be highly measurable and results driven, thus enabling their clients to successfully measure their return on investment. All of their digital marketing campaigns are 100% trackable, making it possible for clients to measure and account for every cent spent.

How to Gain Quality Sales Leads with Facebook Lead Ads


For their insurance client Tokio Marine, 3 Way Marketing was asked to generate quality leads from potential customers in Indonesia, as well as helping their client sell 2 specific insurance products.


3 Way Marketing’s goal was to build a database of people who were interested in Tokio Marine’s products. So, they decided to use the lead generation objective to build Facebook ads for this campaign, because it allows advertisers to create lead ads with simple contact forms that are quick and easy for people to complete and submit, especially on mobile.

  • The lead ads they created for Tokio Marine featured video and still images showcasing the insurer and highlighting its services, along with a call to action that, once clicked, opened the contact form instantly.
  • These ads were shown to a broad audience of people aged 22–55 in Indonesia.

Facebook lead ads case study

  • Once people had submitted their contact details through the lead form, they then saw a thank-you form that 3 Way Marketing linked to a bot for Messenger.
  • Clicking this URL took this person to an automatic Messenger conversation, where they answered questions that helped qualify and prioritise them as a lead.

Because Tokio Marine wanted to sell 2 specific insurance products to existing customers as well as nurture leads at this point, 3 Way Marketing designed the bot for Messenger flow to do 2 things:

  1. Pre-qualify potential customers by finding out more about their requirements.
  2. offer more information about the products it wanted to cross-sell to people who had demonstrated interest and intent. Hence, giving them a chance to buy there and then.

3 Way Marketing then monitored bot conversation patterns and took cues from common customer drop-off points to refine and improve the flow.


3 Way Marketing’s campaign delivered quality leads, fast. The team secured thousands of leads from a relatively untested market for Tokio Marine in just over 2 weeks, and achieved an impressive sales conversion rate:

  • Over 11,000 leads in 17 days.
  • Up to 60% lower cost per lead, compared to other Facebook campaigns.
  • 26% of cross-selling product leads converted to sales.

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