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How To Run An Effective Integrated Marketing Campaign | Amazon Business Case Study

Globally, markets are now devoting over 40% of their marketing budget to digital activities, which leaves 60% that’s likely being devoted to traditional forms of advertising. But it’s not just one or the other; the idea of creating an integrated marketing campaign is one that blends several elements of each, including public relations, direct marketing, social media, TV ads, YouTube, and so on.

Integrated marketing campaigns can take on many forms, but the idea behind them is that they typically result in more than one outcome.

In this case study, we’ll delve into how Amazon Business – In collaboration with Elevation Marketing – managed to use integrated marketing campaign to achieve remarkable results.

Amazon Business takes the model popularized by the shopping site and refines it for organizational purchasing, simplifying the purchasing process, streamlining workflows, and providing policy controls and analytics dashboards. Business Prime also offers the familiar fast, flexible, free shipping, as well as advanced controls and analytics.

How To Run An Effective Integrated Marketing Campaign | Amazon Business Case Study


To accelerate its momentum in Germany and the U.K., Amazon Business wanted a fresh, exciting, integrated marketing campaign to attract prospective customers, drive engagement and web traffic, and position the company as an indispensable partner to organizations of all sizes and types.

They had been employing a variety of individual tactics in each market to varying levels of success. Awareness was on the upswing, but customer conversion rates weren’t growing as quickly as hoped.

The company was ready for a more integrated approach that would continue to broaden awareness while persuading prospective customers to switch from their current suppliers, many of which were trusted, long standing relationships. For future marketing efforts, they also wanted a better understanding of which tactics worked with which customers in which markets.


Elevation Marketing was already familiar with the nuances of the U.K. and German markets through its work with other Amazon divisions.

It put that knowledge to work developing a marketing strategy, creative design and assets that would entice customers to explore the full Amazon Business value proposition, from the company’s vast product selection and fast, free delivery to streamlined procurement processes, ease of integration with other systems, and robust analytics tools.

It was important to sell the experience of working with Amazon Business, because at the end of the day most products can be bought elsewhere.



With a thorough understanding of Amazon Business’ U.K. and German markets, customers and competitors in hand, Elevation Marketing put together a detailed strategy aimed at shifting people’s habitual purchasing behaviors by focusing on the full breadth of Amazon Business’ service offerings, not just their product catalogue.

The strategy unified every element of the Amazon Business marketing and sales plan, and a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan followed.



Elevation Marketing produced a full suite of campaign assets in alignment with creative concepts, including online, print, social media and radio ads; out-of-home experiences; direct mail and email; a social media contest; and a landing page. All were produced in German and British English.

The agency also orchestrated a campaign media strategy, collaborating with a specialist in European media to put together a program that would reach and influence Amazon Business’ target demographics.

In addition, Elevation Marketing devised a distinctive social media campaign for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to drive people to a custom landing page, where they could enter to win a €500 gift card and get a discount for registering as a new Amazon Business customer.


Elevation’s strategy, creative, media plan and social contest drove registrations well above expectations.

Throughout the integrated marketing campaign, Elevation Marketing had one goal: give Amazon Business the best return on investment and help them achieve extraordinary results.

The campaign was a great success — registration goals were met in about 30 days, where initial projections set a 90 days timeline.

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