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Increasing Sales Conversions with Messenger Bots | LEGO Case Study

Since founded in Denmark in 1932, LEGO has grown into one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. Speciality leader in the construction toy segment. Each year producing nearly 19 billion LEGO parts. Their most iconic product is plastic blocks, which fasten to other blocks, even those produced by the company decades ago. Known for nourishing creativity and problem-solving skills, as a result, the bricks have become a rite of passage for children all around the globe.

Here, we present how the Danish toy giant saw a 340% increase in return on ad spend. Achieving this with a clever and simple tool utilized on the Messenger platform.

In pursuit of this target, LEGO sought the assistance of their creative partners at Edelman. A global communications firm delivering powerful communications strategies, giving their clients the confidence to lead.





With an ultimate goal of increasing online sales, LEGO sought to boost sales by offering consumers gift recommendations that would guide them through the company's vast catalogue.



The solution was to enhance the online shopping Experience. In order to make that happen, LEGO, with its creative partners at Edelman, developed and rolled out its first bot for Messenger campaign during the 2017 Christmas shopping season. Due on its success, LEGO has since decided to make the bot available to consumers every day of the year. Know as Ralph, the bot enhances the digital shopping experience by quickly helping people choose and buy the perfect gift.

Given the strong results in the holiday season, LEGO’s decided to expand the bot's geographical reach, and compared the effectiveness of click-to-Messenger ads and click-to-website ads in increasing sales. The company developed colorful, catchy, short video ads.

LEGO served the click-to-Messenger ads to people over 25 located in the US, UK, France and Germany. It showed the click-to-website ads just in the UK, France and Germany. LEGO also served ads to people with an interest in the LEGO brand, toys and shopping, as well as to people who visited the LEGO website in the past 14 days but hadn't purchased in the previous 7 days.

The friendly bot for Messenger stressed the creativity and sense of fun LEGO toys can unlock in children. The campaign, which showcased colorful toys and block sets from LEGO’s immense catalog, used warm and inviting language. Bright, bold and playful, the imagery conveyed the sense of happiness inherent to LEGO, while gently encouraging purchases.





LEGO scored a clean winner with this brilliant campaign. The results of this campaign -which ran from March 22–April 6, 2018- was measured using reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager, which compared the performance and effectiveness of click-to-Messenger ads with click-to-website ads and revealed:

  • 3.4X higher return on ad spend for click-to-Messenger ads compared to ads that linked to the LEGO website
  • 71% lower cost per purchase when clicking through to the Messenger experience compared to ads optimized for clicks
  • 1.9X higher value for website purchases made from click-to-Messenger ads

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