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Lift Up Conversions with Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns | Case Study

Tour My India is a well-known travel brand in India, accredited by IATO. With a huge share in travel industry, their site has an established consumer share & presence over the web. With the growing success in travel, the company recently acquired an award in the category of “Excellence in Tourism Industry” by World Tourism Brand Academy. Yet, to significantly lift up conversions was still a challenge for them.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Tour My India collaborated with TIS India, managing to Launch a successful digital marketing campaign that lift up conversions rate by 1,407% in 12 months.

The primary objective for the company was to generate traffic to the site, bring potential leads and spread education on travel.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Tour My India were able to lift up conversions by 1,407% in just 12 months.


12 months back when TIS India was chosen as their Digital marketing partner, the biggest challenge was to bring up on top positions from nowhere in Google search, bring conversions through multi-channel marketing within a defined budget in a competitive domain of travel and to bring real traffic that can convert.


The first action plan was to do an in-depth analysis of the site’s current performance & drawbacks, defining the user persona & targets, analysis of the competitors' landscape and devising the marketing approach. The website was low on traffic, not ranking on any of the productive keywords, and hence conversions were very low.

Site Optimization & Content Marketing

TIS India selected productive keywords for the site & optimized it for users considering the latest search engine algorithms.
In this process, the site was reconstructed to improve the user experience, optimized the content, added more information, and published user-centric interesting content to bring new visitors, engage them and convert.


They also optimized the site for SEO, since it had a lot of scope of driving traffic through search. They also pitched the travel articles to relevant media and combined these PR efforts with some blogger outreach. Many authoritative sites splashed tourmyindia through their pages including Yahoo Voice, Biginsider.

Paid & Social

Along with strategic organic search marketing, TIS India also executed several other campaigns like paid advertising (search and display) and social media marketing to boost up the user engagement and conversions.

Landing page optimization

Since the ultimate goal was to bring sales, the immediate step taken was to optimize the site for conversions that included redesigning the site’s primary pages, build smart landing pages for paid campaigns, optimize order process and perform A/B testing.


With integrated marketing efforts, continual analysis & smart budget allocation among them, the ROI increased drastically.
Amazing improvement statistics were recorded in the last 12 months of digital marketing campaign:

  • Total traffic went up drastically by 1,328% with 621% more pageviews showcasing the improved user experience.
  • Conversions improved by 1,466% in just 3 months, further improving month over month resulting in 1,407% more leads in 12 months.
  • Site started ranking on top search results on Google & Yahoo, organic traffic started pouring in. Organic non paid traffic improved by 1,844% & leads by an amazing figure of 1,281%.
  • Social media campaigns also performed very well driving 2,912% more traffic via social referrals & 843% more leads.

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