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Thin Martian is a team of passionate project managers, designers and developers living and breathing digital in the heart of London's tech industry. Thin Martian do much more than build websites. Thin Martian is here to consult and deliver on all elements of your digital strategy and to help you capitalize on opportunities online. As a result of the quality of their work, they sit on a number of rosters for well-known brands such as Microsoft and the BBC.


Expires on 2019-02-18

Job Type Full Time Experience Needed N/A

Front End Developer

Thin Martian is looking for a Front End Developer in London, United Kingdom. If you meet the requirements below, you will be eligible to apply via Digital Marketing Community.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and architect large single page applications, primarily in React/Redux, using internally built APIs or 3rd party RESTful APIs.
  • Improve responsive sites built on open source CMS with modern CSS techniques and animation.
  • Lead and provide support to junior or freelancer developers.
  • Weekly development meetings.
  • Produce project managers with clear, accurate estimates for briefs.
  • Liaise technical difficulties and solutions; to be presented to clients if needed.
  • Communicate directly with the design team to create solutions to complex problems.
  • Attend client meetings if required.
  • Produce support to client technical teams during product deployment or API development.
  • Analysis of new technologies and adjust the preferred tech stack for projects based on browser requirements and possible new novel solutions.
  • Promote your team by engaging in product-lead planning sessions with the goal of ensuring consistent and predictable delivery.
  • Run high quality tested products.

Job Requirements:

  • Familiarity with React and Redux (and associated middleware such as redux-saga).
  • Expert knowledge of Webpack (1 or 2) and other JavaScript build tools.
  • Effective experience with ES2015+ APIs and language features.
  • Proven track record in CSS/3 with deep knowledge of browser compatibility (IE9+) and responsive design.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux production environments and basic proficiency with key cloud providers including AWS, Heroku and Digital Ocean.
  • Demonstarted understanding of RESTful API design tools such as Apiary.
  • Proficient experience in JIRA software development tool.
  • Digital agency background.
  • Strong skills in PHP and PHP frameworks like Laravel 5+ MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  • Wide knowledge of other frontend frameworks such as Angular/Vue
  • Proven experience with other backend technologies such as Python (Django/Flask), and Ruby (Rails).
  • Sound experience with TDD and associated tools/frameworks (Karma/Mocha/Chai).
  • Ability to use Photoshop to extract style info from designs.
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