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Thin Martian


Expires on 2019-02-18

Job Type Full Time Experience Needed N/A

Front End Developer

Thin Martian is looking for a Front End Developer in London, United Kingdom. If you meet the requirements below, you will be eligible to apply via Digital Marketing Community.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and architect large single page applications, primarily in React/Redux, using internally built APIs or 3rd party RESTful APIs.
  • Improve responsive sites built on open source CMS with modern CSS techniques and animation.
  • Lead and provide support to junior or freelancer developers.
  • Weekly development meetings.
  • Produce project managers with clear, accurate estimates for briefs.
  • Liaise technical difficulties and solutions; to be presented to clients if needed.
  • Communicate directly with the design team to create solutions to complex problems.
  • Attend client meetings if required.
  • Produce support to client technical teams during product deployment or API development.
  • Analysis of new technologies and adjust the preferred tech stack for projects based on browser requirements and possible new novel solutions.
  • Promote your team by engaging in product-lead planning sessions with the goal of ensuring consistent and predictable delivery.
  • Run high quality tested products.

Job Requirements:

  • Familiarity with React and Redux (and associated middleware such as redux-saga).
  • Expert knowledge of Webpack (1 or 2) and other JavaScript build tools.
  • Effective experience with ES2015+ APIs and language features.
  • Proven track record in CSS/3 with deep knowledge of browser compatibility (IE9+) and responsive design.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux production environments and basic proficiency with key cloud providers including AWS, Heroku and Digital Ocean.
  • Demonstarted understanding of RESTful API design tools such as Apiary.
  • Proficient experience in JIRA software development tool.
  • Digital agency background.
  • Strong skills in PHP and PHP frameworks like Laravel 5+ MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  • Wide knowledge of other frontend frameworks such as Angular/Vue
  • Proven experience with other backend technologies such as Python (Django/Flask), and Ruby (Rails).
  • Sound experience with TDD and associated tools/frameworks (Karma/Mocha/Chai).
  • Ability to use Photoshop to extract style info from designs.
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