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Konvert Klicks


Expires on 2020-02-14

Job Type Full Time Experience Needed N/A

Web Developer

Konvert Klicks is seeking a Web Developer in India. If you meet the requirements below, you will be eligible to apply via Digital Marketing Community.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Well-written, well designed, testable, efficient code.
  • Design a website layout or a user interface using standard HTML or CSS.
  • Able to integrate data from back-end services and databases.
  • Able to meet the specifications and requirements based on the technical needs of the clients.
  • Able to create and maintain software documentation.
  • Accountable for maintaining, expanding, the website.
  • Collaborate with other team members to match the client’s needs and goals.

Job Requirements:

  • Effective working experience in web programming for almost a year or two.
  • Strong programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML and CSS.
  • Expert knowledge of at least one programming language such as PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript or Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Know how web applications work such as security, session management, etc.
  • Deep knowledge of database systems, Object-Oriented Programming, and web application development.
  • Basic knowledge of the SEO process and how it works.
  • Amazing problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work in a stressed environment.
  • Ready to learn regularly.
  • Master of diverse web technologies and techniques.
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