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Facebook Changes News Feed Ad Format Starting Next Month

John Hayden


Digital Advertising

Facebook Ads is one of the most used advertisement platforms out there. Thus, the news that the social network will be making changes to Facebook ad format should be treated with extreme significance.

These changes will be effective starting August 19th, 2019. As explained by Facebook, the updates for mobile News Feed ads will be:

  1. Fewer lines of primary text will show on mobile News Feed. Now only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News Feed. After which people will be prompted to click to view additional text.
  2. Maximum media height for photos and videos will reduce to 4:5 on mobile News Feed. The tallest supported aspect ratio for images without links and for videos is now vertical (4:5). As Media taller than 4:5 will be masked on Facebook mobile News Feed.

Facebook Changes News Feed Ad Format Starting Next Month

“The changes to text, photos and videos are designed to simplify our formats and improve the consistency of our mobile experience. This will help drive increased ad effectiveness and make it easier to use the same assets on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.”

These changes come after the introduction of ‘FB5’. The app redesign was revealed at the F8 conference earlier this year. Thus, the changes are meant to “match the look and feel of the new Facebook design introduced earlier this year.”

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