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Most Important Social Media Updates To Boost Your Digital Campaigns | January 2019

January 31, 2019 |

As an advertiser, you ought to be updated with any new addition or update in all social media platforms especially if you are strongly relying on those social media platforms in running out your ad campaigns that market your brand, product, or service. It should be mentioned that day by day, every social media platform …


Live Mode for Sellers: A new option to Generate Leads and Sales on Facebook

November 30, 2018 |

Day by day the Facebook company takes an effective milestone in enhancing the experience of marketers and advertisers across all of its platforms around the world by working on providing impactful tools like Marketplace option and features that enable both regular users and businesses to reach their goals. This week, it was reported that Facebook …


Facebook Enables Users to Ban Selected Words, Phrases, and Emojis

November 28, 2018 |

Facebook company takes a brilliant milestone in preventing abuse and inauthentic behavior on its different platforms that can effectively enhance users’ experience globally. This week, Facebook company is spotted working on a new feature that enables Facebook users around the world to effectively manage their accounts and control what appears and not on their News …


YouTube Giving is Preparing for the Giving Week 2018

November 21, 2018 |

Recently, most social media platforms have begun to take responsibility by giving a fundraising to charities that adopt specific societal issues and have an impact on humanity through bringing effective features, options, and tools that enable people to donate for issues that matter them. This week, YouTube mentioned some of YouTube’s biggest creators in a blog …


LinkedIn Is Testing New Features Including Stories, Gifs, and Reactions

November 21, 2018 |

Providing more tools, features, and options that facilitate user interaction is one of the most important factors that create popularity for different social media platforms globally. On this front, this week, it is reported that LinkedIn is testing a suite of effective and exciting features that are similar to some of Facebook’s popular features, like stories, …


Snap Inc. Is on Its Way to Launch a New Version of Spectacles AR Glasses for $350

November 21, 2018 |

The world of entertainment and social communication is a world without limits and can’t be controlled by one platform without other social media platforms, so it was noted that both Facebook and Snap Inc. are looking to develop new software that can penetrate the world of Augmented Reality and the virtual reality in fun and exciting ways. …


Facebook is Launching a New Dashboard Tracking Time Spent

November 20, 2018 |

Many social media users may be surprised and dismayed to discover how much time they spend on different social networking platforms. Hence, it was necessary to develop tools that enable users to measure and control time spent on social media platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Today, Facebook is …


‘Shop and Cop’, A New Tool that Helps Shoppers Purchase Without Leaving Snapchat

November 16, 2018 |

Snapechat continues to offer innovative solutions to increase online conversions, especially during the holiday season, and in parallel with the latest Instagram announcement today regarding adding new tools to increase shopping on the platform. Snapchat has launched a new E-commerce Channel across its platform that called “Shop and Cop.”. It’s a new channel in Discover which is …


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