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Studies Reveals Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs

Social media is crucial for small and medium business discovery, with over two-thirds of consumers prefer to find out about local businesses through social apps. The most recent report from VistaPrint and Wix examines the current state of the SMB landscape and how brands attract attention in today’s digital world.

The report uses feedback from 1,000 small businesses and 1,000 consumers in the U.S. to offer an overview of important developments. And there are a few intriguing points that could assist in your preparation.

Research indicates that small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly putting more resources into digital marketing, with social media as a crucial strategy.

Studies:  Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs | DMC

This aligns with the current discovery trends since social apps are most people’s primary source of brand information.Studies:  Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs | DMC

In these charts, social media stands out as the primary platform for connecting with consumers under 54 years old. Utilizing demographic specifics could improve targeting efforts based on your promotion’s target audience. Social media plays a significant role in generating interest in local businesses, but it is not as influential as recommendations from peers.Studies:  Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs | DMC

The report also examines how small and medium-sized businesses are adapting their marketing strategies to reflect these trends, most recently trying out different methods.Studies:  Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs | DMC

This is especially logical when you take into account the increasing popularity of short-form video, along with other significant trends. However, it also indicates that small and medium-sized business owners are open to trying new things and looking for unconventional ways to increase their reach.

Not only that but also the report examines the main factors why customers prefer small businesses over large corporations, which could be another area of focus for your marketing strategy.Studies:  Social Media Is Crucial for Promoting SMBs | DMC

Emphasizing the quality of the product, the skill of the craftsmanship, and the positive impact on the local community could help in leveraging these factors and increasing interest.

These notes highlight the importance of social media for small and medium-sized businesses by discussing emerging trends. Although the sample size is small, it still offers valuable insights into what is resonating and can assist in shaping your promotional strategies.

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