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New Sponsored Post Options for Groups From Facebook

Facebook is still looking forward to emphasizing group engagement, as well as building more opportunities for businesses within these highly engaged communities.

Obviously, you can run ads in the groups feed, and while doing that, Facebook is looking to add another possible revenue pathway specifically for group admins, with new brands partnership posts built into the group’s experience direct.

New Sponsored Post Options for Groups From Facebook | DMC

The New Sponsored Posts for Groups

As shown in the screenshot above, the new sponsored posts within groups are on the extension of Facebook’s existing branded content tools, also, it will include a similar “Paid Partnership” tag to signify funded posts.

In light of that matter, Facebook explains: “Facebook has built monetization tools across different surfaces to help individuals and organizations generate reliable revenue that’s sustainable over time, and we’re excited to launch a set of tools that will enable communities, specifically, for the first time, to meaningfully monetize their engaged group audience by partnering with brands to create ‘branded’ posts”.

Talking more about this sponsored posts option, it could be a welcome addition for group admins, as they will have a clear process for partnering with brands, and essentially selling them on their group’s reach.

Furthermore, Facebook provides paid subscription options for some groups, this is another way to see admins actually get paid for the first time hey spend building their communities, and sponsored content will add more opportunity as well as giving brands a direct line into focused and engage audiences.

This is very valuable, as over a billion Facebook users regularly engage withing groups, while Facebook says that almost half of those participating in what it calls “very meaningful” groups, or communities that become key to their overall online interactions.

All of this means that there are many people o Facebook engaging over very specific topics within these enclosed spaces, besides reaching them with related offers.

Additionally, you get the flow-on benefit of further sharing and discussion as a result, with group members that take you up on your offer ideally posting about their experience afterward.

This can actually be a very valuable promotional tool and while admins will need to tread carefully in order to keep the trust of their group as well as not overdoing their sponsored promotions.

However, the option will only be made available for public groups with over 1,000 members, additionally, your group will need to adhere to Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standards, which essentially say that you can’t break Facebook’s rules and you need to be located in an eligible country.

New Sponsored Post Options for Groups From Facebook | DMC
This can actually be a valuable addition to your Facebook marketing strategy, you better consider this.

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