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Google and Instagram Provide Insight into Thanksgiving Food Trends

It is your lucky day if you are looking for a Thanksgiving-related conversation started ahead of your family meet-up. Google and Instagram this week are posting search insights about some of the most popular foods for the holiday, based on user activity in recent months.

Google and Instagram Insights About Thanksgiving:

First off, Google has shared a map of the most popular side dishes, based on queries as shown in the screenshot below;

Check Google and Instagram Insights About Thanksgiving | DMC

However, no doubt that will spark some degree of contention and debate -however, probably not as much as this similar overview from Instagram, based on its own user activity data.

Check Google and Instagram Insights About Thanksgiving | DMC

According to the comments alone, this is a volatile issue, with many in strong disagreement about the findings.

Furthermore, both Instagram and Google are merely presenting the data based on what people in each state are searching for.
Based on the Google and Instagram insights for Thanksgiving, you could debate that there may be different purposes for such searches, moreover, it’s not completely indicative of popularity.

But no matter how you break it down, these likely are the main focus trends in each region. Even if you don’t personally agree.

According to  Google and Instagram insights, these charts could provide some additional guidance for marketers, as they can use it for their last-minute sales and promotions, though functionally, it’s probably not highly valuable in this respect.

Not only that but also the data could provide a seasonal poll option or query for your brand accounts in order to spark discussion around the event.

However, mostly, these are interesting points of note, which provide some insight into emerging food trends.

If you want more information about Google and Instagram insights, Check Google Thanksgiving updates here, and the discussion about Instagram’s pie trends on this post.

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