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Google Introduces New 3D Ads Creation Tools for YouTube

Google is introducing a new display ad format, called Swirl, that allows users to interact with 3D objects. Marketers can utilize this Google ads new feature and their company’s existing 3D assets to produce ads that engage users by letting them rotate the object and zoom in and out. Google Ads has recently also added a feature that notifies users of any updates, big or small.

The swirl display ad format incorporates 3D assets, using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer. With a new editor coming to Google’s 3D platform Poly, marketers can edit and build 3D assets for these display ads. Users can rotate a 3D object and zoom in and out within the ad. Additionally, assistance will be provided via 3D production partners, to advertisers who need help creating 3D objects.

Google explains “Marketers have more opportunities than ever before to deliver engaging ad experiences through immersive creative. Many companies are investing in creating 3D assets to bring their products to life and allow consumers to interact with products as they would in real life. For example, a person can explore the interior and exterior of a car before taking it for a test drive, all from the comfort of their home. But it can be challenging to scale these experiences. Now you can extend the reach of these 3D assets to produce more captivating ads, with two new updates coming today.”

“Brands that already have 3D assets can easily create a Swirl ad unit by using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer, our creative authoring tool. And with a new editor coming to Poly, Google’s 3D platform, it’s easier for brands and agencies to edit, configure, and publish high-quality, photorealistic models to use in immersive display ads. You can learn more in this post. If you’re interested in exploring Swirl but need help building 3D assets, we also have certified 3D production partners to help.”

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