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Instagram Makes Direct Messages Accessible on Desktop

How many times did we try to log in to Instagram using the web version but DMs are not accessible? the answer is all the time. Unfortunately, the web version of Instagram does not include accessing DMs. However, now, Instagram made it easier and expanded its service for the user to access direct messages on the web version.

Back to when direct messages were first tested on desktop, in February last year, anyhow, it began to roll out to some users in January – it was in test mode-. This is a great move from Facebook – which owns Instagram- because it has made its social platforms accessible on desktops and those are Whatsapp and Messenger.

Instagram Desktop Version: 

As for Instagram, the Instagram desktop addition will make Instagram’s Messaging tools more widely accessible because not all users can access the platform via the application because people in certain regions’ data plans are restrictive or network access is limited. Either way, this will be helpful for them and they can benefit from it, so it was a must-do move from Instagram.

A Picture Shows That DMs Are Accessible on the Instagram Desktop Version

Image by Social Media Today

However, this was not only beneficial to individuals but also to businesses. In light of that, social media managers will be able to administer all of their Instagram activities through desktop, and that is easier, of course, that includes posting and managing direct messages.
Of course, you will use your mobile application for sharing stories – there are workarounds for that as well- but your everyday Instagram management would be so much easier via desktop due to the inbox and tools aligned specifically to Instagram.

Instagram updated that all users can access their direct messages on desktop, Make sure to check Instagram’s website- – on your desktop, log in to your Instagram account and interact, message, and manage your direct messages via desktop easily.

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