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LinkedIn Adds Content and Sharing Options in Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator released product updates on Wednesday, adding more features for discovering and managing leads, a redesigned Help Center and an integration with its content-sharing app Elevate. The latest feature update to LinkedIn’s sales prospecting tool represents the company’s latest attempt to attract sales specialists into spending more of their working day on the business site.

LinkedIn first launched Elevate — an app designed to help users curate and share content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook — in 2015. The unification of Elevate and Sales Navigator gives you the ability to share curated content directly on the sales platform. The feature brings Elevate content into the Sales Navigator homepage feed of alerts. Users will be able to access the content without having to log into Elevate, and then share it on LinkedIn as well as Twitter and Facebook.

These features are LinkedIn's latest attempt to attract sales specialists into spending more of their working day on the business site.

Moreover, as part of the quarterly update, Sales Navigator will now let users sort Custom Lead Lists by Name Account and Geography, and Custom Account Lists can be sorted by Name and Geography.

Additionally, LinkedIn also expanded search results for Sales Navigator from 1,000 maximum to 2,500 in its latest update, giving sales teams more prospects at a time. 

LinkedIn explains “This integration connects Elevate and Sales Navigator in a simple, but effective, way; every day, Sales Navigator users will get one custom alert encouraging them to share a piece of content from Elevate. Even better, it will show up, front and center in their Sales Navigator homepage feed, keeping content sharing top of mind for sales teams and eliminating the friction of having to log into a new solution in order to share.”

Emphasizing the benefits of the updates “For sales professionals, sharing the right content with prospects and customers is key for building trust and nurturing them down the funnel. When done consistently and effectively over time, sales professionals can come to be known as thought leaders in their industry and trusted advisers to their customers, ultimately leading to more closed business. In fact, LinkedIn analysis has shown that sales professionals who regularly share content are 45% more likely to exceed quota.”

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