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TikTok Enlarges Marketing Partner Program in Southeast Asia

TikTok continues to enlarge as it is becoming a bigger consideration for marketing teams. TikTok is also growing its Marketing Partner Program, as we know, the program provides access to local expertise as well as guidance in order to help brands maximize their in-app presence.

On the other hand, the latest additions on this front come in the South-East Asian region, where TikTok is adding nine new agency partners in order to provide assistance with TikTok campaigns.

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TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program Updates in 2021:

According to TikTok: “We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding the TikTok Marketing Partner network to onboard nine more leading agencies and technology service providers from Southeast Asia (SEA) and Australia. Along with the expansion, we are also badging a set of regional partners that have excelled this part year and showcased exceptional creativity and zest in helping our clients scale new heights with their campaigns.”

TikTok’s marketing partners can provide professional advice and insights to help businesses optimize their TikTok ad campaigns. This new expansion will facilitate more opportunities for SEA businesses, with a specific focus on Singapore, where TikTok usage is on the rise.

What can TikTok’s marketing partners do? Well, they can provide professional insights and advice in order to help businesses optimize their TikTok ad campaigns. Concerning the new expansion, it will facilitate more opportunities for SEA businesses, along with a certain focus on Singapore, where TikTok usage is on the rise.

In addition to the Marketing Partner Program expansion, TikTok is also adding a new ‘Agency Services’ sub-category within its Marketing Partner platform, and that will ease connecting brands with partners that can optimize their campaign’s creative as well as performance needs.

In light of this TikTok says: “In practice, this means advertisers can now select the local market in the main Partner Search dashboard and see corresponding listings. By adding Campaign Management to Media Buying Technologies, we want to give brands more ways to access a complete spectrum expertise for TikTok campaigns.”

If you’re considering getting into TikTok ads, TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program is definitely the go-to program if you want to get in touch with trained, and approved experts in different aspects of the process,

We can’t deny that TikTok’s continuing to rise as it is continuously adding more users and becoming a real opponent for the big platforms. So you wouldn’t want to miss considering TikTok to your marketing strategy.

TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program expansion will make it easier for TikTok to capitalize on that potential as well as becoming a bigger player within the digital ads space.


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