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Microsoft Replaces its Employees With AI Software

It is known that technology develops way too fast and every day something new is discovered. An example of that, the new Microsoft AI software, as Microsoft has just replaced its employees with AI software. In a world full of developments, discoveries, and experiments, this all should be expected.

Without further ado, let’s get into more details about five things in technology that happened this past week, in addition, the question is how they affect your business?

Let’s get it started and start with the new Microsoft AI software.

1- The New Microsoft  AI Software:

This past week, at Microsoft, about 30 journalists were given a month’s notice following Microsoft’s decision to no longer employ people who would research, edit and choose the multiple and different news articles for one of Microsoft’s pages.

Microsoft has let go of these journalists and will be implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) as they can do the same jobs, This will be the new Microsoft AI software.

However, the people who worked on the website which is run by Microsoft didn’t write the stories they were curating, on the other side, they edited and picked stories from other news outlets and just edited the necessary material and headlines.

In light of the Microsoft AI software, It is beneficial for your business because AI can do the same jobs as journalists, besides they can also interpret your own technical agreements and turn them into blogs as well.

2-LinkedIn adds retargeting by lead generation forms and video views:

In light of that matter, LinkedIn’s campaign manager will allow users to use the tools to redirect campaigns based on video views along with lead generation forms.

This move from LinkedIn aims to help advertisers y providing them with new ways to target their campaigns to their target audience and that will help brands with their goals and objectives. Due to the latest marketing strategies, conversion rates went up with a percentage of 20% and have simultaneously cut costs.

Even though advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive than Google and Facebook, however, you actually get what you pay for because ads on LinkedIn are focused especially on individuals who can be better target audiences.  And as mentioned about the new feature, you can re-target the same people if the first ad didn’t get noticed by them. This feature is really handy for small businesses as well.

3-A cybersecurity warning reveals that hackers are targeting your smartphone as a way into company networks.  

There’s a new cybersecurity study that released information that indicates that during the last 90 days of last year -2019-, and the first various months of 2020 there has been an increase with a percentage of 37% in phishing attacks that target smartphones.

However, for those who are using laptops and desktops have been used to the threat of emails containing phishing campaigns, criminals aim at IOS and Android devices with these attacks is relatively new.

4-As expected in 2026: More than a million delivery drones are expected in the skies: 

According to recent information by Gartner, there could be up to one million drones in the sky over the next 6 years. During the last diverse months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to limit the human to human contact while also keeping the ability to deliver medications and supplies worldwide, drones have been in control and used to limit the human contact.

In light of that matter, it was proven that drones are efficient and can deliver goods and medications as opposed to robot deliveries or on-ground methods, besides they are more cost-effective and have the ability to travel at a greater speed than on-ground deliveries. If you own a shipping company having drones to deliver your products would be definitely helpful than using vehicles.

5-It is reported that online retail sales have seen their highest growth this past April:

In April  there was the greatest monthly growth in the index’s history, according to NAB’s retail index for online sales. Even though, many businesses and shops are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fashion sales had gone up by a percentage of 25.6%—domestically—. On the other side, the purchases made internationally in the same category only went up by a percentage of 4.3%.

It is proven that domestic sales in retail greatly surpassed international retail. If there is one thing business owners learned from the COVID-19 pandemic it would be the ability to sell your products\ services online or even via other channels like independent sales representative or distribution.


The evolution of technology is a great and massive thing the whole world is witnessing starting with the new Microsoft AI software and the mentioned above technologies. Business owners should take advantage of all of these.


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