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Facebook: “Our Story” Section To Be Removed From Pages Next Month

According to Facebook, Page owners are being alert to a coming update which will see the removal of the “Our Story” section from Page presentation options.

As you can see in the below screenshot, Facebook is prompting Page owners to shift their “Story” description to the “Additional Information” section instead, and that will alter how that extra information is presented on your page.

Check Out Facebook's Page Story Section Update 2021 | DMC

The Page story section was first added back in 2017 as a means to help brands provide more background on their business “why”, in order to better connect with Page visitors.

Check Out Facebook's Page Story Section Update 2021 | DMC

More About The Page Story Section:

The Story section currently appears as a secondary information panel within the “About” section on your Page, which does look a little cluttered. Now that seems that the section will be removed from the Main Page, and shifted to a secondary element, with users able to tap through on an “Additional information” prompt or tab to read more about the story behind your brand.

Based on the way that it’s currently presented, the change makes sense, however, it will mean that you need to re-assess your Facebook Page layout to align with the update.

More about the Story section update, based on the top prompt here, Facebook is linking Page admins through to the relevant section to update their info directly from the alert prompt, however, you can also go to “Settings”> “Page Info” in order to edit your “Additional Information” field.

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