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Pinterest Adds More Third-Party Shopping Tech to Its Partner Program

Pinterest has rebranded its third-party partner program Marketing Partners into Pinterest Partners to facilitate a greater number of shopping experiences on its platform. When the program first launched in 2015, Pinterest had only just introduced its first ad products. But businesses on Pinterest today need solutions that go beyond advertising, said Michael Akkerman, the global head of Pinterest’s partnerships program.

The company has around 290 million active users, many of whom use the platform for shopping ideas when they go out to retail stores. The company has partnered with specific companies to provide advertising, measurement, content marketing, shopping and other related topics.

The expansion to third-party tech providers, allows partners such as WooCommerce to develop integrated tools which will make it easier for brands to publish products on Pinterest from their website directly. Ads and pins can then be tracked and measured for success.

Shopping partners on Pinterest Partner Program fall into four categories: ecommerce plugins, feed management providers, tag management for tracking online sales and companies that simplify the path to purchase for brand categories without their own point-of-sale, such as CPGs or consumer electronics. The goal isn’t necessarily for people to actually complete transactions on Pinterest, but for Pinterest to remove as much friction as possible between when someone finds a cool product and is able to buy it.

These new partnerships will help Pinterest build upon this, and continue its ongoing growth strategy.

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