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Samsung Announces New Partnership with TikTok in Order to Bring TikTok Videos to Your Home TV

Most people are now aware that it can be easy to start scrolling through TikTok on your phone late at night and then end up squinting at your device screen. TikTok’s algorithm-matching is very good at keeping you glued to the app, which can make for compulsive, small-screen viewing – however, what if TikTok was available on your TV, like any other channel?

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could flip across and see a feed to your latest “For You” clips, on the big screen and from the comfort of your couch?

Samsung’s Partnership With TikTok:

It is your lucky day because Samsung has finally announced a partnership with TikTok to enable Samsung Smart TV owners in Europe to watch TikTok clips on their TV sets.

Samsung's Partnership With TikTok in 2020 | DMC

Based on Samsung’s partnership with TikTok, Samsung explains: “Samsung Electronics Ltd and TikTok are proud to announce a new app partnership that brings TikTok’s trending content into the home. TikTok will be exclusively available on Samsung Smart TVs in Europe, launching first for UK customers today.”

Moreover, the new TikTok app for Samsung TVs will be available for all 2018 models onward, besides providing big-screen access to your “For You” and “Following” feeds, besides the majority of the most liked and viewed on TikTok”

“This content has been organized into 12 categories covering everything from gaming and comedy to food and animals. The entertainment doesn’t stop there though, as people can also view #LearnOnTikTok videos so they can get the latest cooking hacks, fitness tips, and fun facts that TikTok has to offer.”

Even though it seems fun and cool but it is also a bit risky, as noted the compulsive nature of TikTok can keep you glued to the ap, and if you can view the same on TVs, that could be even worse, maybe?
However, thinking about those videos you can watch on the 4k screens, could make it a less compelling option – however, it might also open up new opportunities for top creators, and for TikTok advertisers to reach new audiences.

Aside from Samsung’s partnership, YouTube has seen a big increase in viewers watching content on connected TVs, which has lead to it launching new tv-specific ad options, like masthead ads, which provides marketers with additional ways in order to reach this specific audience.

Samsung's Partnership With TikTok in 2020 | DMC

Talking more about Samsung’s partnership, if the new Samsung integration goes well, TikTok could actually look to add similar, providing more and more ways for advertisers to reach these viewers with customized, big-screen specific campaigns.

Not only that, according to Samsung’s partnership with TikTok, Samsung notes that the function, which can be accessed by downloading the new TikTok app for your TV, will automatically operate in Restricted Mode, to filter out content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Note that this could additionally provide more brand-safety assurance if TikTok were to move into dedicated format ads.

Moreover, based on Samsung’s partnership, Samsung also notes that users will not need a TikTok account to use the app.

Additionally, TikTok has also launched a new TV ad campaign this week as it continues to push ahead, regardless of the ongoing questions around its ownership.

However, it is still unclear as to whether TikTok will need to be sold off in order to continue operating in the US, with the legal documentation around such in a debate. Anyhow, it seems like the app will be allowed to continue on, unchanged, for the immediate term at least, with a potential break-up still a possibility in the new year.

As for Samsung’s partnership with TikTok, you will be able to watch TikTok on your TV, which could help increase viewership, besides providing new ways to follow your favorite creators in the app.

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