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Seismic Acquires Percolate, a Marketing Software Company

On Nov. 5th, Seismic, the San Diego-based software company, completed another acquisition. Seismic acquires Percolate, a New York-based content marketing platform. The acquisition will build out Seismic’s sales enablement platform by giving marketers oversight on how their content affects potential buyers.

Some of Percolate’s current customers include DHL, Electronic Arts and DocuSign. Seismic’s customers include T-Mobile, IBM and Fidelity Investments. The combined company will have about 750 clients,

“Marketers understand that producing personalized, compelling content is foundational to providing value to their company’s bottom line and therefore the business at large,” Seismic Co-Founder and CEO Doug Winter said in a news release. “Percolate will be essential in helping Seismic widen our industry lead in enabling marketers do so in one-to-one customer interactions while also expanding our combined capabilities into all content initiatives and distribution channels.”

With the acquisition, Seismic’s headcount will grow to 800 across 12 offices.

“Seismic and Percolate have both built their success on the principle that content is at the heart of the modern buyer experience,” Wootton said in a news release. “Combining with Seismic allows Percolate to provide even more capability to our customer base and more value to the marketing ecosystem.”

This deal is another witness to Seismic’s rapid ascent. Last year, the company acquired competitor Savo Group, which brought its total headcount to about 450 people. Since then, Seismic has nearly doubled in size and made several new executive hires, including Chief Marketing Officer Michael Londgren and Chief Financial Officer John McCauley, who respectively helped take DocuSign and ServiceNow public.

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