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Snapchat Reveals Its Final Version of Retail Footprints Series

As a luxury brand or retailer, it’s important to understand the preferences and behavioral patterns of your consumers. These are the words with which Snapchat begins its official blog post to announce the launch of the final piece of its location insights “Footprints” series -that provides insights on where Snapchatters go, and the places they care about the most- for retail “Retail Footprints.”

After Snapchat published its first “Retail Footprints” report, which takes a closer look at how Snapchatters shop for everyday apparel, as well as when they’re likely to make these purchases. This month, Snapchat announced on its official blog the results of its final piece of Retail Footprints, that takes a closer look at Snapchatters who appreciate the finer things in life, luxury retail shoppers.

As confirmed by Snapchat:

  1. Ages between 18-24 years old Snapchatters show higher visitation to luxury retailers than any other age group.
  2. Overall luxury retail shoppers tend to visit twice a month on average, with Saturday being the day they browse luxury stores most.
  3. They’re 7% more likely to go toward the end of the month (after the 21st) than the beginning or middle of the month.

Snapchat Reveals Its Final Version of Retail Footprints Series 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Snapchatters’ Footprints Before Visitation to Luxury Stores

Snapchat final Retail Footprints report also includes places that luxury retail shoppers like to visit before and after a visitation to luxury Stores. The report found that:

  1. Before Snapchatters head to luxury retail stores, they can be found at airports or shopping for athletic apparel.
  2. Afterward, they can be found at fashion accessory stores or beauty & personal care spots, and steakhouses or nightclubs in the evenings — perhaps to show off the new items they’ve purchased, as confirmed by Snapchat.

Snapchat Reveals Its Final Version of Retail Footprints Series 2 | Digital Marketing Community

Additionally, Snapchat final Retail Footprints report mentions that:

  1. Compared to average Snapchatters, luxury shoppers have very specific preferences in other categories.
  2. When it comes to food & drink, luxury shoppers are more likely to be wine enthusiasts or vegan and organic foodies.
  3. They are also more likely to enjoy running or watching college football.
  4. When it comes to entertainment, luxury shoppers are more likely to tune into drama shows and films, and they’re more likely to be fans of world music compared to the average Snapchatter.
  5. Additionally, Health, fitness, and good life are important to them.

Snapchat Reveals Its Final Version of Retail Footprints Series 3 | Digital Marketing Community

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