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New Education Sessions on Creating Branded AR Effects Are Available on TikTok

TikTok keeps on rolling on, and this week, TikTok has announced, a new, free education session for brands that are looking forward to using its AR tools in order to build their campaigns.

In light of the new TikTok’s education sessions, TikTok says: “You are invited to attend the first TikTok Branded Effect Webinar – the latest installment in the TikTok Masterclass series. Join us and learn how brands can leverage augmented reality to engage with the TikTok community through head-turning, campaign-boosting Branded Effects.”

Check TikTok's Education Sessions 2020 | DMC

TikTok’s Education Sessions

Talking more about the new TikTok’s education sessions, the session could be helpful for businesses that look for a way to connect with TikTok’s younger user base, with a wide range of ways in which its AR effects can be used to create highly shareable campaigns.

Moreover, TikTok also announced its new Brand Effects and Partner Program Back in June and it was a part of the launch of its “TikTok for Business’ website, which provides more ways for businesses to build engaging ad features on the social media platform.

Check TikTok's Education Sessions 2020 | DMC

Of course, the info session will be providing a full overview of Brand Effects in addition to how to make the best use of the tools.

Check TikTok's Education Sessions 2020 | DMC

Additionally, it’s worth considering, it should be mentioned that the app’s future still in question.

Recently published data reports that TikTok had around 689 million global monthly active users of July 2020, and that considers to be a great increase from the 54 million it had in January 2018.

That is the reason why investors are willing to spend more and more in order to keep the social media platform running, and while its future success is not a given, TikTok obviously has momentum, in addition to a prime chance to be a key platform in the social space.

You can sign up to attend the virtual webinar here.

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