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TikTok’s New Hub to Support Black-owned Businesses

In light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement lighting the current challenges of racial inequality in the US, and research showing that Black-owned businesses have been closing at twice the rate of other SMBs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, TikTok has this week announced a new set of initiatives in order to play its part in supporting Black-owned businesses as we head into the holiday sales period. Starting off with this, TikTok has launched a new online hub in order to provide Black business owners with both support and education to help maximize sales.

TikTok’s New Hub for Black Business Owners in 2020

In light of TikTok’s new hub for Black business owners, TikTok says: “We’re excited to support and empower Black-owned businesses, especially during a time when COVID-19 has heavily impacted the economy and widened the opportunity gap for Black entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning, and we’re committed to finding new and creative ways to provide continued support to the Black community.”

Check TikTok's New Hub for Black Business Owners | DMC

TikTok’s new hub provides links to different kinds of initiatives besides announcements, which also includes a new #ShopBlack campaign, and it aims to further amplify and celebrate Black-owned businesses on the platform.

TikTok says: “Starting on November 10th, the TikTok community will be invited to participate in the #ShopBlack hashtag challenge by creating videos that spotlight their favorite Black-owned businesses, or by sharing their own story as a Black entrepreneur.”

Check TikTok's New Hub for Black Business Owners | DMC

Also, TikTok says that more than 40 Black Shopify merchants across the US and Canada will be featured on the Support Black Businesses website, and this is enabled by its recently announced partnership with the online commerce platform.

TikTok says: “…and from November 10-15 the TikTok community will be able to explore their businesses and products through the #ShopBlack hashtag and branded effect.”

Considering the excessive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Black community, initiatives like these are crucial to address continuing inequity, besides providing support where possible.

Moreover, Facebook has announced similar initiatives, across both Facebook and Instagram, We hope that these combined efforts will go some way in providing equal exposure and opportunity to Black-owned SMBs in the US.

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