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Top 6 Social Media Updates You Should Know to Boost Your Business Performance | March 2019

Digital platforms are working hard to boost, enhance, and update their ad services, aiming to enhance their users’ experience on their platform and top all other competitors, especially in this competitive landscape.

Hence, all the personnel operating in the digital marketing, social media, online ads, or marketing campaigns must be updated with daily additions to any social media platform. On this front, we followed and collected the top social media updates that happened in the past 2 weeks and strongly relate to the digital marketing and online advertising industry in one place, just take a deep breath and let’s get started:

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1. Facebook is planning to launch new cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin

This week, it was reported that a number of the world’s biggest internet messaging companies are trying to launch new cryptocurrencies through their apps, as digital coins similar to the Bitcoin. The list includes Facebook, Telegram, and Signal and they are planning this new launch to happen over the next year to enable all their users to send money to contacts on their messaging systems.

Coming to the Facebook company, it is also confirmed that the company is testing a coin, which allows WhatsApp users to send money to their friends and family instantly, As explained by The New York Times, “The Facebook project is far enough along that the social networking giant has held conversations with cryptocurrency exchanges about selling the Facebook coin to consumers, said four people briefed on the negotiations.”

2. Instagram is Working on New Ad Format to its Influencer-Marketing Tools



Instagram "Branded content ads"

Instagram “Branded content ads”


This week, it was reported that Instagram is working on developing new editions and updates to its influencer-marketing tools. This new feature is a new capability to all brands and businesses to sponsor posts created by celebrities, publishers, and popular influencers on the Instagram platform.

Instagram has called that new ad format “Branded content ads,” which is considered to be one of Instagram’s services that will enable advertisers and creators to connect and make deals in more formal partnerships. On this front, it should be mentioned that Instagram has been experimenting with these ad formats since last year, as confirmed with Ashley Yuki, an Instagram product management lead.

As explained by AdAge, “Until now, brands could hire popular Instagram users to work on ad campaigns and promote products with branded content, but the posts would only reach the followers of the influencer. Branded content ads let the advertisers promote these Instagram posts just like they would any other ad.”


3. Twitter Announces New Analytics Tools for Publishers Insights


Earlier in January, Twitter unveiled that its developing team is working on a new set of effective analytics tools, which enable all publishers to easily find and discover a great suite of users’ insights. First off, Twitter announced this advertisement at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and confirmed that these tools will be developed to allow publishers to get valuable insights, such as what sort of content is resonating with their readers, who are engaging with content and when, and what’s performing well.

This week, twitter announced the first launch of their efforts on this front, which is the launch of a set of Publisher Insights tools within Media Studio focused on the best time to publish a video. And, all publishers can view these insights through a new analytics dashboard.

As explained by Twitter, publishers can harness this dashboard to identify the best time to post video to “maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership.” But, it is noted that the dashboard doesn’t view when your followers are watching your videos, but when they’re watching videos across Twitter.


4. Snapchat Shares Its Monthly Trending Topics

This week, Snap Inc. has announced the latest monthly trending topics report that mentions all the trending topics, which expresses the Snapchatters’ interests throughout the month. This version of “Snapchatter monthly report” – February report – is showing a great suite of users’ insights across the Snapchat platform. The below graph showcases these insights:


Infographic highlights key trends of note among Snap Chatters in February

Snapchat trending topics monthly report


5. Pinterest Expands its Ads services to 4 New Region

header with greetings

Pinterest’s new Ads regions


It is clear that Pinterest is becoming one of the most effective ads platforms around, as it is introducing a great set of ad services for all marketers, advertisers, brands, and businesses. One day ago. Pinterest announced on its official platform that now, all businesses that located in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Italy able to enjoy Pinterest Ads, starting from the announcement’s day. This means that all brands and businesses are able to use standard and video ads to allow users in Europe to find their next great idea.

As explained by Pinterest, “This newest expansion means that Pinterest Ads are now available in four new European countries, in addition to existing markets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Since launching ads in France in November 2018, French businesses have seen positive results and many, including Leroy Merlin, a popular home improvement store, have expressed interest in expanding ads into these new markets.”


6. Pinterest Launches New Tools for Brands to Promote their Products

Pinterest New Ad Format

Pinterest New Ad Format



Now, through the addition of recent product catalogs and customized searching recommendations, so as to maximize business potential. First, additionally, to the ‘More like this’ choice at a lower place every Pin, that uncovers visually similar things, Pinterest is additionally adding a ‘More from [brand]’ choice, which is able to showcase a broader vary of product Pins from the identical business. When you scroll down from a Pin, there will be a replacement choice, wherever offered, to faucet on the ‘More from [brand]’ list, which is able to showcase similar things, however, confined thereto supplier. That’ll undoubtedly prove popular brands – at the present, the ‘More like this…’ choice will take users far from their offerings, notwithstanding they could have a similar product in their catalog that might match the bill. this feature can modify businesses to stay users around for extended, and facilitate complete loyalty on the platform.

As explained by Pinterest, “These updates help retailers get in front of customers who are looking for related products, and Pinners to see items that match their unique style and taste.”

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