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TikTok: The New ‘Year in Review’ Option to Highlight the Clips That You Engaged with Throughout the Year

2020 might be the year everyone wants to forget, however it hasn’t been all bad, with people also finding new ways to work, connect, and engage with family and friends in order to stay connected and in touch.

For many people, the discovery has been TikTok, TikTok has been growing really fast over the past couple of years, however, it gained more momentum in 2020, as people in lockdowns are seeking entertainment.

TikTok is now on track to become the next billion-user platform, and that’s despite it being banned in India, and facing ongoing speculation about its future in the US. TikTok’s made a lot of new fans, moreover, now, TikTok is looking to provide a little nostalgia to heighten that connection.

TikTok’s Year in Review Feature:

TikTok has added a new Year in Review feature, “Year in Review” feature enables users to take a look back at the top videos, effects, and tracks they engaged with in the app throughout 2020.

Check TikTok's "Year in Review" Feature in 2020 | DMC

In light of the Year in Review feature, TikTok Explains “Starting today, we’re giving you the opportunity to take a personal stroll down memory lane with our first “Year on TikTok” in-app feature, a special recap that highlights some of the TikTok moments that defined YOUR 2020 on TikTok.”

Talking more about Year in Review feature, a personalized highlight clip takes a look at every video you engaged with on TikTok throughout the year, and along with notes on your favorite elements, it also includes data on how often you commented on videos, shared them, Likes, etc.

TikTok says “Each personalized video highlights TikTok favorites from your 2020, and even shares a handful of top “vibes” based on the kinds of content you loved most.”

The Year in Review feature is similar to Facebook’s regular ‘Memories’ prompts, which can help to increase your connection with the app. When you look back and get a good memory, you note that Facebook was a part of that experience, which can make you feel more positive about the role the app plays in your day-to-day communications.
Additionally, when users share their Year on TikTok video on TikTok they’ll also unlock a special “2021” badge which can be added to their profile photo “to help ring in the new year”

It is a simple way to help showcase your in-app experiences, besides highlighting the role TikTok has played in your life throughout the year.

However, TikTok isn’t able to generate clips for users who haven’t been highly active in the app, so that means not everyone will have the chance to take part, however, TikTok did also release its overall trends list for 2020 earlier this month.

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