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Adobe Audience Manager

Audience data is complex. Make it easy to be understood!

Data Analysis and Reporting

The best-in-class data management platform, Adobe Audience Manager, is one of Adobe’s creative tools that helps you build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments and use them across any digital channel.

It pulls together data from any source, creates audiences, and exports segments to any destination, in addition to turning fragmented data, from any channel or device into meaningful audiences that enable all marketers, advertisers, and businesses to act on right away.

The Benefits of Using Adobe Audience Manager:

  1. Build on a connected data management platform.
  2. Reimagine audience segmentation.
  3. Get deeper audience insights.
  4. Win with real-time action.
  5. Gain unrivaled insight using your own data and data from external sources.

The Top Features of Adobe Audience Manager:

  • Data Collection and Centralization:

    • Data Explorer
    • Data feeds
    • Data ingestion
    • Device graphs
  • Data Management and Segmentation:

    • Addressable audiences
    • Audience marketplace
    • Identity management
    • Look-alike modeling
    • Target market segmentation
  • Targeting and Optimization:

    • A/B test segmentation
    • Audience analytics
    • Data privacy controls
    • Real-time destinations


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