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Software that drives more leads and sales

Data Analysis and Reporting

Driftrock was founded in 2014 with the goal to make marketing better. It is a tool that helps businesses grow and improve their online presence on two of the most popular social media channels -Facebook and Instagram-.

Driftrock is designed to assist companies to create ads that are optimized for Facebook and Instagram, but it also represents important advertising strategies by leveraging both 1st and 3rd-party data.

Driftrock is a fairly priced system, where each client obtains a quote tailored to meet his needs and expectations.

Benefits of Using Driftrock:

  • Generate more leads with Lead Capture: Browse Driftrock’s Lead Generation Library and activate and sync new lead sources to your CRM in minutes.
  • Validate, track, and optimize every lead: Driftrock helps you optimize your campaigns for the things that matter, sales.
  • Increase the conversion rate of your list: Driftrock automatically nurtures leads with Custom Audience automation.

The Top Features of Driftrock:

  • Google Offline-Conversion Sync
  • Lead Tracking and Analysis
  • Driftrock Smart Lead Forms
  • Facebook Lead Ads sync
  • Facebook Custom Audience Sync
  • Google Customer Match Integration
  • YouTube Lead Form Ads
  • Google Search Lead Form Ads
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Sync
  • Weather Triggered Ads
  • Local Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Marketplace for Automotive

NOTE: Kindly check the website for further information about their pricing plans.

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