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Kred is the latest product from social data mining startup PeopleBrowsr. Kred is a great content marketing tool for increasing your Online Influence.

Kred is home to a global community of social Influencers with a combined following of 300M. You can now have your very own identity with the Kred Engagement Profile, engage with other Influencers in the Kred Network, and boost your social status with the Empire.Kred game.

Kred assigns a score to potential influencers by measuring their Facebook and Twitter activity. In addition, Kred also allows you to build the influencer status and build a KREDible online presence.

Kred 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Kred : Great content marketing score and a platform | DMC

Benefits of Using Kred:

  • Find Influencers, and import, score and engage your most influential contacts with the Kred Influencer CRM.
  • Register your digital assets on the blockchain as interactive Non-Fungible Tokens.
  • Your custom NFTs can be easily transferred and shared, engaging your Community.
  • Get a Domain for your Website and Digital Wallet.
  • Upgrade your status with Influencer Verification.
  • Find your Kred Score and see how influential you really are.
  • Secure your brand’s name on Kred – BusinessName.Kred.
  • Find Influencers with the Kred Influencer CRM.
  • Engage your community with NFTs.
  • Add influence scores to your app with the Kred Score API.
  • Engage your users with Kred’s NFT creation and distribution APIs
  • Gamify community interaction with NFTs

The Top Features of Kred:

  • Kred Domains
  • Influencer Verification
  • Influencer CRM
  • Empire.Kred
  • Kred NFTs
  • Kred Scores

Kred Pricing:

  • Kred doesn’t provide information about its pricing.

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